rental space


We rent tragantDansa space for courses, rehearsals, seminars and other activities related to body work, dance,  fine arts and other proposals that can be suited for the characteristics  and  idiosyncracy of the space.


characteristics of the space

tragantDansa holds  a quiet space  located at the back part of the building. Is is a silent and  cozy  place.
It’s entrance is at the street level and it is only 2 minutes away  from the metro, Joanic stop.

space without  columns
95m2 aproximately
dimensions 10,5 x 8,5 x 4m
with natural wood floor 
with windows placed at the back of the  space/building and slylights
natural gas central heating
sound equipment  with 4 speakers 

1 dressingroom, 2 showers and WC 
natural ventilation



Let us  know about your needs and we will get back to you with the possible dates and hours free for rental.



Prices vary depending on the amount of hours, days and  rental commitment.
Please, send us an email with your rental needs (activity, period, hours, etc) and we will answer you with the price.