how to get here


Carrer de l’Església, nº 1, CP. 25748, l’Alzina de l’Aguda, La Noguera (Lleida).



By car:
From Barcelona or Lleida, one must take the A2 motorway and once you are near from Cervera, take the exit nº520 in Ponts direction by L311 road. One must pass Cabanabona village and you will find, on the right side, the path to l’Alzina.

GPS coordinates: 41º51’58.8″N1º14’28.3″E.


By bus:
One can get to Ponts (7km away from l’Alzina) by bus, on the route from Barcelona to Andorra, or one can get to Cervera (25km away from l’Alzina) on the route from Barcelona to Cervera ( If you arrive by bus, we can come to look for you at the station. It is essential to organize it previously with time.


By BlaBlaCar
BlaBlaCar is a website that connects drivers with avaiable seats with passengers looking for a journey. The prices are usually cheaper than public transport tickets.


Transports for the courses:
For the courses, we try to organize ourselves and share avaiable car seats among participants. If this is not possible, another option is to rent a taxi-van from Ponts that could take us from Barcelona to l’Alzina and from l’Alzina to Barcelona, or to the most convenient spot. We can help with transport organization.