Open Call NATURES’20: Creation Residences in the rural area


tragantDansa [educació i creació en moviment]

opens a call for three Creation Residences in tragantCamp, with the aim to give support to the development and presentation of three Dance – Movement proposals that integrate, relate and dialogue with the rural landscape of l’Alzina de l’Aguda (La Noguera, Lleida).

The Residence involves: the stay at tragantCamp to work on a project and  its presentation at the Walk with Artistic Interventions  that will take place on Sunday, October 24th 2020, within the programming of the second edition of  NATURES festival.





[Artistic Proposals in the rural area]

Place: l’Alzina de l’Aguda, la Noguera (Lleida), where tragantCamp

 is located

Dates: September / October 2020 / 3 weekends

Main day with public: Sunday October 24th 2020

Organize: tragantDansa [educació i creació en moviment]



NATURES is a Festival that revolves around artistic proposals that dialogue with Nature, and specifically with the rural landscape of l’Alzina de l’Aguda, in La Noguera (Lleida). We intend to create stimulating meetings between Art and Nature. A space where to re-think and feel Art through Nature, and where to listen to Nature through Art.


Natures’ various activities will be divided between 3 appointments, 3 moments between September and October 2020:

  • First appointment: dates to be confirmed. Intensive Workshop: Dance and Landscape.
  • Second appointment: from October 25th to 30th 2020. Creation Residences.
  • Third appointment: Sunday October 24th 2020. This day includes: Talk about Land Art, LanDance or related themes / Workshop on Land Art / Lunch with artists and public / Route of Artistic Interventions in the rural area / Concert and closure.






The call is geared towards projects which the main axis is the body, the movement and Dance in dialog with Nature. We want to forge links between different artistic disciplines, primarly Dance and Plastic Arts, and a territory like that of l’Alzina de l’Aguda, where artistic proposals and art are not that present.

The proposals chosen, close to landArt and lanDance, must be performed specifically in the landscapes or locations close to tragantCamp, using all the materials and incentives of the environment.

In case you want to present ideas or projects already developed; it is necessary to adapt your proposal to the working lines specified in the call. The interventions presented in NATURES festival must be created during the Residency Program and specifically linked to the landscape of l’Alzina de l’Aguda.

It is necessary to explain, in your application dossier, why you are interested in working in relation to landscapes and how this is linked to your project.

NATURES’20 will also feature three visual artists, not included in this open call, who will also develop three projects during the same dates of residence and show the result in the NATURES’20 festival.


DATES of Creation Residence and Intervention in the rural area

Creation Residences for Site-specific / LanDance works:

– Option 1: from Friday, October 25th to Sunday, May 27th 2020

– Option 2: from Friday, October 25th to Wednesday, May 30th 2020

On October 25th, 26th and 27th, all artists participating in the Residence and the Presentation will stay in tragantCamp and will be able to work in the specific spaces of the environment they will have chosen. Those choosing option 2 may extend their stay on October 28th, 29th and 30th, to have more time for the development of their project.

DATE OF PRESENTATION of the projects

Presentation within the Walk with Artistic Interventions in the rural area: Sunday October 24th 2020.



1. The stay at tragantCamp, where you can use the different tragantCamp spaces and have accommodation, kitchen-dining room, Movement-Dance space and other tragantCamp spaces.

2. Participation in the Walk with Artistic Interventions within Natures main day, Sunday October 24th.

3. Financial fee:  250 €minimum – 500 € maximum. The difference in fees will depend on the results of the grant  we are applying to. Each selected artist-project must make an invoice for the amount received. In the 15 days following the Festival the 250€ will be payed  and when the resolution of the Generalitat Grant comes out, you will get the rest if the Grant is favorable and the amount may vary depending of the result of the Grant.



1. Transportation to tragantCamp (there is public transportation to Ponts or Cervera, and  we can come to pick you up if needed).

2. Meals (we will have to make a communal bag between the group of artists and make a joint purchase).

3. Technical material. We do not have technical sound equipment or electrical connections to use in the rural environment during the residences or the presentations.





You must SEND (as attachments):


1. Information about the proposal:

– Information about the applicants: Name, Surname, DNI, date of birth, place of provenance and place of residence
– Idea – concept of the proposal
– Work Plan
– Artistic Team
– Specify if: it is a newly created proposal / the creation process has already begun


2. Curriculum Vitae

– from the applicant and / or creator
– from the different members of the artistic team

Outline: works of creation + site-specific works (that have been realized).

3. Audiovisual material from previous and / or recent works:
photos and videos.

4. The choice of dates for the Residence is better for you.
Option 1 or 2?




- Interest in the proposal as LanDance / Site-specific

– Interest in their dialogue in relation to Nature / the rural environment

– Experience and quality of creative work / movement arts / dance

– Experience in works related to specific contexts

– Artistic trajectory of the participants


RESULTS OF THE CALL for Creation Residences

tragantDansa will communicate the results of the call for residences: April 3rd 2020.



APPLY TO THE CALL FOR CREATION RESIDENCES with all the documents attached: before March 15th, 2020
Send to:


Check and download the terms and deadlines in PDF.