Feldenkrais Method / ONLINE

Monday from 9:30 to 11h, with Olga Tragant


Application modalities

Trimester 75€
Half of the trimester 45€
Single classes: 12€


Course requirements

AREA: Awareness through body and movement. Personal growth.
EXPERIENCE: open to everyone. For those who start in this body language and people with years of experience in dance and body practices and dancers.


About the course

We will go deep into our structure and skeleton knowledge, through a few simple movements, arranged in a sequence (ATM ‘awareness through movement’) that will cause changes in our breath and range of movement.

Reducing the effort, we will focus on the quality of how a movement is performed rather than on the movement itself, its form. This practice is a challenge to keep us into the here and now of our experience paying attention to ourselves within action.

The aim of this learning gained through experience is to find a new organization for the action that allows us to move with more ease and lightness. This method expands the possibilities of movement from a pleasant practice that helps us reduce tension and release possible pain or discomfort. In this work of self-awareness, the teacher guide students verbally through a sequence of simple functional movements, giving everyone the chance to explore and investigate movements at its own pace.

“Through awareness we can learn to move with impressive freedom and lightness” Moshe Feldenkrais


Olga Tragant (Barcelona)

Choreographer, dancer, dance and movement teacher. She was trained in dance in the United States in University of Illinois and in New York in Movement Research, Susan Klein School, Trisha Brown School (New York, 1993 – 1995). She also studied one year in the School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam, 1997). Olga is also graduated in Science Degree in Physical Activity, UB, INEF, and she has a Master in Psychology of Physical Activity (University of Illinois). 
Parallel to the dance, she has trained in Anatomy for the Movement with Blandine Calais-Germain and is currently studying the Feldenkrais Method training. As a choreographer she has developed a series of shows and creative projects that have been shown in Catalonia and in various European countries and also in the United States, Japan, Mexico and Morocco.

She started teaching 25 years ago and since then she has taught contemporary dance, anatomy-consciousness and improvisation-creation. She currently runs and is a teacher in the Formation [inside Movement] in tragantDansa. Since 2002, she has been leading tragantDansa [education and creation in movement], and recently she has expanded her activity in tragantCamp, a rehabilitated space in the rural environment.