text about creation


What’s for me the work of creation?



To do creative work is for me a way to communicate with myself and with the others, which I do not know how to do otherwise. To embody discomforts, desires, questions, and the subconscious… Creative work is necessity-pain-satisfaction. To create gives me the opportunity to be aware, to tune my senses and my thoughts.

I consider creative work as a search into authenticity. I like to devote myself into getting lost and surprise myself with different selves, allowing them to manifest in a diversity of forms and expressions. As the poet said: To be oneself is always about being that other which we are and carry hidden in our interior, more than anything as a promise or possibility of being (Octavio Paz).

What I do I find through the physical and sensorial path of the body and movement, through the emotional and the intellectual paths. I walk by from one to the other, finding shortcuts and establishing dialogues which respond to this plurality of plans and dimensions.

To dance or not to dance, to choreograph or not to choreograph, to act or not to act, to make a more theatrical piece or a more danced one. In general, I try to give answer to the needs of each project proposed and to mine. Until now and in a natural way I have intertwined works of formal physical dance with works of a more theatrical edge. In any case, my starting point is the physicality of the body and movement.

There is a concern about both the content and the form. The form is reached from the needs and the particular research of each piece. In general there is a state of being behind which moves and articulates the presence of the body and its movement and of any other element that can be involved (word, voice, visual elements, etc). The ideas are translated into movements of specific qualities which together with certain objects and materials create relevant images.

In general, my work is intimate, with psychological intensity and an important component of visual and plastic art. The presence and interpretative strength, the various movement qualities and the plasticity of the whole set the construction of the pieces.

All the pieces turn around contradictions of our desires, fears, pleasures, insatisfactions, conflicts within oneself and with others. This is to say, always a contradiction around our condition of being. The existential path is privileged and reminds us of the weight and lightness of our temporal condition.

Ultimately, I am interested in evoking the weight and lightness of our human condition and our finite and temporal existence. As Italo Calvino said in reference to literature: To explore the world in its multiform manifestations and its secrets, and also to give body to personal myths, direct experiences, to fantasies and fragments of transformed and combined memory… In my case, I exploring from the body that I have and I am.


olga tragant