tragantCamp is located on the outskirts of l’Alzina de l’Aguda. L’Alzina is a village of 20 inhabitants, part of the municipality of Vilanova de l’Aguda, located in the region of La Noguera (Lleida), between the villages of Guissona and Ponts.
With 487 meters of height, from l’Alzina it is possible to see Montsec and Cadí’s mountain rages and the Pyrenees.
It is 125 km away from Barcelona (1h30 by car), and 110 km from Lleida (1h approx.)
Other nearby towns are: Tàrrega, Artesa, Agramunt and Cervera.

tragantCAMP is surrounded by wheat and rye fields, and some small forests of oaks and holm oaks, with very marked seasons and a landscape also very changing depending on the time of year. It is a very quiet environment, with low levels of light pollution and therefore with starry skies.


Some cultural and leisure activities that you can find arround tragantCAMP:

Swimming pools: rural house of l’Alzina, municipal swimming pool in Cabanabona, municipal swimming pool in Sanauja
Kayak in la Vall de Lord
Route through the Castillos de Sió
Seró Museum. Espacio transmisor
Chocolate Museum (Agramunt)
Montsec Astronomical Park
Miró en la Mesa / Mayoral Espai d’Art, en Verdú