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We offer Intensive Workshops throughout the year, mainly during: weekends, Easter holidays, Christmas holiday, Summer and vacation periods in general. 
The intensive workshops complement the Regular Courses program offering the possibility to go deeper in specific contents, introducing us to new methods, teachers, artists and materials.



March 2021 


 BODY: awareness and sensations in movement
with Olga Tragant

Saturday March 13th

from 12 to 14:30h  &  16 to 18:30h
price: 55€


AREA: Awareness through body and movement. Personal growth.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: none / open to diversity of bodies
EXPERIENCE: open to everyone. For those who start in this body language and people with years of experience in dance and body practices and dancers.

#awareness #sensorial #listening #soft #internal #health #wellbeing #self-discovery #exploration #learning #growth


About the course

How do we use our bodies? How can we be and move with greater freedom, efficiency and quality? We will tune into our body  by paying attention to weight, tone, breath, joint mobility, and where and how we move. We will practice various ways of moving and organizing our gesture, action or movement.

We will explore and discover  from exercises involving touch, visualization, senso-perception, with simple movement sequences and movement exploration. Through a fine and deep listening we will work individually, with the help of various materials and other classmates.

We will use various works, practices and learning methods such as: experiencial anatomy, sensory awareness, feldenkrais method,  movement exploration and Dance.

The practice of this work will help us find a healthier and more available body, with more freedom  in decisions and actions, both in everyday movements or in sports and body work. In dance it will offer us efficiency and richness in qualities and nuances.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               foto: Elisenda Fontarnau


OlgaTragant (Barcelona)

Choreographer, dancer, dance and movement teacher. She was trained in dance in the United States in University of Illinois and in New York in Movement Research, Susan Klein School, Trisha Brown School (New York, 1993 – 1995). She also studied one year in the School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam, 1997). Olga is also graduated in Science Degree in Physical Activity, UB, INEF, and she has a Master in Psychology of Physical Activity (University of Illinois). 
Parallel to the dance, she has trained in Anatomy for the Movement with Blandine Calais-Germain and is currently studying the Feldenkrais Method training. As a choreographer she has developed a series of shows and creative projects that have been shown in Catalonia and in various European countries and also in the United States, Japan, Mexico and Morocco.

She started teaching 25 years ago and since then she has taught contemporary dance, anatomy-consciousness and improvisation-creation. She currently runs and is a teacher in the Formation [inside Movement] in tragantDansa.

Since 2002, she has been leading tragantDansa [education and creation in movement], and recently she has expanded her activity in tragantCamp, a rehabilitated space in the rural environment.