tragantDansa is a CENTER – SCHOOL  with 2 locations and spaces:

tragantBarcelona  in Barcelona city (Gràcia neighborhood)
tragantCamp  in the rural area of  l’Alzina de l’Aguda,  la Noguera (Lleida)

  is  dedicated to is dedicated to training, creation and dissemination of contemporary dance and body practices.
We encourage the practice, knowledge and appreciation of dance and other disciplines around  body and movement.
We promote the values that emerge from the dance to different levels of the individual:  corporeal, emotional, cognitive and  social.

tragantDansa was borned in the hands of the choreographer, dancer and teacher Olga Tragant.
Olga  Tragant, starts the activity at tragantBarcelona with the intention of focusing her artistic and teaching activity and to comunnicate and share her passion for dance, creation and body practicies.
Soon new projects are incorporated, and  over  the 15 years of tragantDansa’s life, many artists and professionals from dance and the arts have joined tragantDansa’s various projects. Local artists and also internationa artists, and thanks to all of them we can say  that  tragantDansa is a leader int he dance scene.

to whom are we addressed to:

To a wide public, mainly adult
People with interst in dance, body, movement and art
Amateur people  and Semi-professionals Professional dancers
People with different experiences in dance, movement, body and art.



Direction and management
Olga Tragant

Administration, comunication
Sara Rato

Support to projects at tragantCamp
Jaume Amigó

Arquitect (tragantBarcelona & tragantCamp)
Xavier Tragant

Elisenda Fontarnau
Ana Izquierdo


Teachers team / course 2017 – 2018
Èlia Genís
Marlene Jöbstl
Cristina Martí
Ester Momblant
Maria Mora
Helena Pellisé
Ursa Sekirnik
Olga Tragant
Sol Vázquez

Teachers team / course 2016 – 2017
Lali Ayguadé
Rosana Barra
Bebeto Cidra
Paolo Cingolani
Èlia Genís
Simona Quartucci
Marlene Jöbstl
Cristina Martí
Helena Pellisé
Ursa Sekirnik
Olga Tragant
Sol Vázquez