Som(a) Dance 2018

SOM(A) DANCE body – dance and wellbeing 


The next edition of SOM(A) DANCE will be at the beginning of Agost 2018
Agost  1st – 5th, 2018



SOM(A) DANCE  is a  Residencial Course or Stage of 5 days. Along the five journeys we will  go through various body practices – somatic practices and dance works that place special atention to the INTERNAL LISTENING, the AWARENESS, the EXPLORATIONS, SELF -DESCOVERY AND CREATIVITY  towards personal growth. 

Professionals from each method or work will  guide us through a trip full of  experiences and will help us to discover ourselves and unfold our potencials.
There will be days to enjoy oneself and the others in a quiet and very nice  rural environment. We will creat a group that will allow proximity, exchange and a rich and fruitfull learning.

adressed to   anyperson interested in body practices and dance that would like to  improve his/her body and emotional wellbeing.  It is open to persons with different ages and experiences in body work and dance.




Last Edition –  July 2017 –


The Course will integrate the practices of:  

YOGA with Laura  Zubiaur

BODY MIND CENTERING with Alba Raventós

FELDENKRAIS METHOD with Samuel Letellier

BREATH AND MOVEMENT with  Olga Tragant

AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT  amb Simona Quartucci

DANCE -THEATER with  Simona Quartucci

KUN DANCE with Dominik Borucki

And also evenings with Massages, Talks and Performances  !!! 



Hatha Ioga
with Laura Zubiaur
The authentic aim of yoga is to be a path of transformation and evolution for the human being. the morning session of Hatha yoga will help us awaken and get ready for the body, mental and emotional work that we will develop during the day.


Body Mind Centering   How would it be to swim-dance from the inside
with Alba Raventós
One of the basic principles of this system says: ” Fluids ar the transportation system of our body.  In them we find presence and transformation, playing an important role in the  global counter- balance of tension and relaxation, the pause and the accion.” 


Breathing and movement 
With Olga Tragant
In this session we will undertake an Experiencial anatomical work on Cinestical  Breathing.  We will get to know the arees in our body involved in  the breathing movement.  We will practice different types of breath: abdominal diaphragmatic, costal diaphragmatic, toracic.. and will experience what each and bring us and how to enhance each one.   


Feldenkrais Method. Self awareness through movement 
with Samuel Letellier
We propose a series of soft movements that are not an aim in themselves but help us to understand our patters and enhance our action and movement quality and our way of moving. A place where to graduately refine  our own awareness, questioning our organizationa and finding new  movement  possibilities.  


with Simona Quartucci
Movement  is a practice, a discipline that without stimulus of music and with eyes  closed, allows us for a deep connetion with that internal side of us that needs to be expressed and  that takes form through movement and sound. 


Dance – Theater.  Moving with my characters 
with Simona Quartucci
In a playful way and through music, expressive movement, dance, active meditation, free writting, sound and voice,  I propose you a space in which you can take to the scene  those characters that we have back stage from our unic personality.


Kun Dance. To dance, to improvise, research and grow
with Dominik Borucki
El Kun Dance is an improvised dance with tools from Psico-body and artistic therapies . It is a personal investigation  through movement, expression and creation. Is is both an energetic and symbolic language that may bring new insights to our lives events.




An in the evenings we will have
Massage sessions, Talks, Performances 




Societat Alaka Collective  with  Maria Mora, Melissa Scioscia i Helena Pellisé
with the work ‘Archipiélago
The creative process iniciates from the concept on Sustaining, as a scenic support.  To lean the action allow each island to be part of the whole and to be included.

Dominik Borucki
with a solo created and interpreted by him  

and more




Disposem d’una habitació compartida amb el grup. Es un espai molt agradable amb tatamis i futons i alguns llits.
També us podem oferir una habitació doble amb un suplement de 10€/nit


Our cooks (Lola or Pilar) will prepare healthy and delicious meals, mainly vegetarian.  


how to arrive

c/ de l’om, nº 1, CP. 25748, l´Alzina de Ribelles, La Noguera, Lleida.

For the workshops we get orgnized to share the possible cars of the participants.  If that would not be possible, another option is the service of a taxi – furgo that can take us from Barcelona to l’Alzina (tragantCamp) and from l’Alzina to Barcelona or where the  main group is. We help to organize the transportation.






last day to sing in: July 15 th  / max 15 participants


Price for the full course

Price:  395€ (including classes, lodging, meals, and activities ) 
discount for students with annual fee:   385€

Price without lodging: 350€
Price without lodgins and meals: 270€


Price  for the Week End

Price:  195€ (including classes, lodging, meals, and activities ) 


info:    INSCRIPCIONS I FORMA PAGAMENT / 666 28 57 15