Theater works


Dust Figures

springs from a body that feels fragile, which fluctuates and suggests the corporeal and the incorporeal, the material and the spirit, health and illness, birth and death. It is above all a meditative proposal about body impermanence which I present by unfolding into various presences and/or absences and different body and mental states which find a formal expression in the changes and interferences among scenic languages and registers.




Creation and interpretation: Olga Tragant
Artistic assistance : Sabine Dahrendorf
Sound space: Kiko Barrenengoa
Lightning design: Manu Martínez
Scenic space: Jaume Amigó
Costumes: Lola Amigó
Production: tragantDansa
Technical residency: La Caldera
Lenght: 60 min


Sala Trono, Tarragona
Antic Teatre, Barcelona
Quiosc Gallery, Lleida (Versió Variacions 2 – Performance)
VI Biennal d’Art de Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, Barcelona (Versió Variacions 1 – Videocreació)
La Caldera