Online courses



Regular courses take place from October till June and are divided in 3 periods or quarters every year. Each period include 10 or 12 weeks of classes.
The periods/quarters match the seasons:

Autumm: october, november and desember
Winter: january, february and march
Spring: april, may and june

We pause between periods of regular courses to coincide with holiday periods. In these holiday periods as wll as during weekends we offer Intensive Workshops and Residecial Courses at tragantCamp.




April 12 – June 17th


Application modalities

During the trimester, we will offer the posibility to apply for:

1. The entire trimester (priority given to this option)
2. 5 session pack
3. Single sessions

How to access to online classes



Feldenkrais Method / ONLINE

with Olga Tragant

Monday from 9:30 to 11h
Trimester 75€ / Half trimester 45€ / single classes 12€

AREA: Awareness through body and movement. Personal growth.
EXPERIENCE: open to everyone. For those who start in this body language and people with years of experience in dance and body practices and dancers.