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tragantDansa space located in the Rural landscape,  at l’Alzina de Ribelles, la Noguera (Lleida) 




what is it?

The new place of tragantDansa in the field, l’Alzina de l’Aguda, in la Noguera, Lleida.
tragantCAMP is dedicated to dance, corporal practices, awareness and creation, in the educative, artistic and personal growth approaches and the several practices related to the nature and the art.


what do we do?
Nowadays the tragantCAMP’s activity is focused in the programming of residential courses and the renting of the spaces for several activities, workshops, retreats, rehearsals, seminars, work stays, etc.


who are we?
It’s been already 10 years since Olga Tragant and the visual artist Jaume Amigó, acquired old chicken farms that had been unused for many years. Through this time they have been restoring these spaces. For years the work study of the artist Jaume Amigó has been located there and now we open a warehouse for the dance and body practices activities


where to find us?
tragantCAMP is located in l’Alzina de l’Aguda, a small village of 200 inhabitants in la Noguera (Lleida) between the villages of Guissona and Ponts, 125 km from Barcelona and 110 km from Lleida. Surrounded by fields of barley and blad and some oaks and holm oaks, it is a really quiet and silent place, with especially starry skies.