tragantPROCESSOS was an artist in residency project carried out between 2009 and 2016.  It was a project that aimed to give support to the research and creationof  different artists and at the same time bring the creative processes to the public.
This project selected between four and five artistic proposals per year, from works / artists linked to contemporary performance creation scene.

Each project participating in tragantPROCESSOS consisted of a residence for the creation of a work, a public venue of the work in process, as well as a post-performance talk. 




tragantPROCESSOS 2008



tragantPROCESSOS 2009

#1 MARA SMALDONE with the project Diva project: Love me more

#2 MAR MEDINA and JOSÉ PÉREZ with the project Interferències: solo con invitado

#3 CLARA TENA and RAMÓN RODRÍGUEZ with the project Feather Leather

#4 DOMINIK BORUCKI with the project Cos Des(a)rmat


tragantPROCESSOS 2010

#1 JOAO COSTA LIMA with the project O outro do outro


tragantPROCESSOS 2011

#1 ONA FUSTER and PHOEBE OSBORNE with the project Role Call

#2 AIME PANSERA with the project Yo soy el Juli

#3 MARIA CAMPOS with the project Tarannà

#4 JOANA SERRA and URSA SEKIRNIK with the project Picture on the wall



tragantPROCESSOS 2012


#2 LAIA CABRERA and NATXO MONTERO with the project Zonzo (Cogiendo palos) and Barbecho


tragantPROCESSOS 2013

#1 CECILIA COLACRAI, MIREIA DE QUEROL and ANNA RUBIOLA with the project Big Bouncers

#2 ÈLIA GENÍS and MONTSE ROIG with the project Avui em veus, demà seré invisible

#3 ROSER TUTUSAUS with the project Solo Express

#4 MIRIAM AVA WOLODARSKI with the project Cau / Fall

#5 AMPARO BADIOLA and NICK BURGE with the project Palabras Invisibles, exchange with Muelle3 Bilbao


tragantPROCESSOS 2014

#1 FRANCISCO CÓRDOVA with the project Capital

#2 MARINA COLOMINA with the project Particions

#3 IDURRE AZKUE with the project Bailar por Bailar

#4 PAOLO CINGOLANI with the project La Natura delle Cosa


tragantPROCESSOS 2015

#1 ABAST ELÀSTIC with the project A.U.R.A (Ahora usted recibirá algo)

#2 HELENA PELLICER and GUY LEON with the project Taking a walk

#3 YOLANDA ALONSO with the project Laboratori del Silenci

#4 MARIA TERESA TANZARELLA with the project Passport

#5 CARLA ROISLIN with the project De lo invisible a lo supervisible, exchange with Muelle3 Bilbao

#6 IERA DELP and ELISENDA FONTARNAU with the project Inventari #2


tragantPROCESSOS 2016 

#1 URSA SEKIRNIK with the project Radio Hit

#2 MANEL SALAS with the project Imaginarium Frame

#3 IRENE GARCÍA and ÈLIA GENÍS with the project UMARMEN

#4 ROMAIN CHAT with the project I MUSIC

#5 JOHNAN PÉREZ, MICHELE ALTINI and EDWARD TAMAYO with the project When I am not arround