eFÍMERa cycle


eFÍMERa cycle [proposals around improvisation | dance and more]


The eFÍMERa cycle was a project that we carried out between 2006 and 2010, with the aim of delving into the work of improvisation and the exchange between various artistic practices. The various editions of the eFÍMERa cycle included performances, workshops, jams and talks, inviting artists from different disciplines to collaborate from improvisation.

Dance is the ephemeral art par excellence and this cycle focused precisely on this characteristic: the impermanence of the performing arts and improvisation as an artistic fact that works arround immediacy, the present moment and spontaneity. Improvisation as the nucleus of the creative fact and improvisation as a practice in performance.


eFÍMERa cycle Summary – Editions 2006 / 2008

with Dominik Borucki, Cecilia Colacrai, Sebastian García Ferro, Juschka Weigel (movement) and Judit Farrés (DJ)
eFÍMERa [2]
with Marco Regueiro, Víctor Zambrana (movement) and Thomas Clements (voice)
eFÍMERa [3]
with Dominik Borucki (movement and words), Guillem Rodri (guitar and voice) and Jordi Ros (percussion)
eFÍMERa [4]
with Mónica Extremiana and Olga Tragant (movement), Sasha Agranov (cello) and Jordi Teixidor (words)


eFÍMERa cycle Summary – Editions 2009

with Mónica Extremiana and Olga Tragant (movement), Sasha Agranov (cello) and Jordi Teixidor (words)
eFÍMERa [6]
with Aimar Pérez Galí, Diana Gadish and Jorge Gallardo (movement)
eFÍMERa [7]
with Emmanuel Griver, Cecilia Colacrai, Xevi Dorca and Clara Tena (movement), Marcelon Lastra (sound)
eFÍMERa [8]
with Maria Montseny and Anna Rubirola (movement), Miguel Angel Marín (sound)


eFÍMERa cycle Summary, Editions 2010

with Constanza Brncic (dance) and Nulo Rebelo (sound)
eFÍMERa [10]
with Xavi Bobés (object theater), Andrea Cruz (movement) and Sasha Agranov (sound)
eFÍMERa [11]
with Guy Nader and Maria Campos (movement), Marcel Pie and Pepon Meneses (animation, visual arts)
eFÍMERa [12]
with Jordi Cortés, Maxime Lannarelli and Adolfo Comenares (movement), Sri Shyam Sunder, Tappan Bhattachaya (music)