Instant composition: perception and intuition

with Paolo Cingolani

March 26, 27, 28 & 29 (Easter Holidays)
from Monday to Thursday
10 – 12h
price: 60€


WORKING AREA: creation, improvisation
EXPERIENCE: open to diferent levels of experience 


This course is an opportunity to improve in the abilities of improvisation and instant composition.  The material proposed include a clear attention to body anatomy,  psycho – physical states and cognitive processes behind each movement: from the sensation of the body in movement  to the composition decisions that each person has to take in the immediacy of the present moment. Through the active use of imagination and intuition, participants learn to use the body, the time and the space to create choreographies and movement poems. Spontaneity and creativity in action, thought and harmony perception are some of the themes developed in the course.  This course is open to anybody that want to play with the body to create movements and dances in ‘real time’.



Paolo Cingolani

is an Italian dancer focused in the art of improvisation and instant composition. His work is based on a specific practice of intuition as a first tool to create dance and text on stage.
Since 2012 he is a member of Alle’n Line from  Julyen Hamilton. Allen’s Linehs presented his productions in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Strasburg and Oslo. During the last years Paolo has also been dedicated to create works with other artists: dancers, musicians, visual artists. In this context of an independent artist, he has performed around Europe from 2005 – 2018. As a teacher, he has developed a personal technique of the body as a result of the combination between Tai-Ji Qi Gong and principals of contemporary dance. From 2006, he has taught in various  dance and improvisation festivals in Europe and EE.UU.