Axis syllabus. Efficiency and movement ecology

with Maria Mora


date: July 6th to 10th
from Monday to Friday, 10 to 12h

price: 70€  all the course / 20€  single sessions
discount: 10% discount if you sign up for more than one course / 65€ APdC members and tragantDansa students from 2019-20 Course

* Priority to people who sign up for the entire course / Discounts are not cumulative.
** In order to apply to the student discount, you must have attended at least to 2 trimesters at tragantDansa 2019-2020 course.

*** Limited places to guarantee hygiene and safety measures.


AREA: technique – exploration
EXPERIENCE: workshop open to different experiences and movement practices, as well as multiple levels


FACE-TO-FACE COURSE with all the hygiene, disinfection and security measures required
tragantDansa will prepare a protocol with to compliance with the distancing, hygiene and protection measures established in the Plan for the Transition towards a new Normality, which contemplates the reopening of Dance Schools during the Phase II. + info



Axis Syllabus. Efficiency and  movement ecology  (technique and exploration)

In this course we will work on various topics intrinsic to movement and dance: bone, muscle structure, fascia and the physics of movement, etc. Flying on the ground, spinning and jumping, enjoying the art of moving and being moved by our incredible physicality. We will explore the effectiveness of our structure and how our body stores and releases kinetic energy to move.

Axis Syllabus (AS) was founded by dancer Frey Faust and has been developed for 30 years by dancers and professionals from different fields: circus arts, physical therapists, physicists, osteopaths, dancers, teachers… who make up the Axis Syllabus International Research Network (ASIRN).

This work offers a basis for self-knowledge and autonomy, as well as the development of reflexes and habits to preserve body health during movement, in dynamics.



Maria Mora

Dancer and performer, teacher of Contemporary Dance, movement, improvisation and contact improvisation. She begins with musical studies at the Enric Granados Conservatory (Lleida) and, when finished, she immerses herself in the study of Dance at the Conservatory of Tarragona. Later, she lives in Brussels for 5 years, where she continues her development in the field of Dance with various teachers and styles.

In 2007 she became involved in ASIRN (Axis Syllabus International Research Network), being a certified teacher for 5 years. She currently teaches dance and improvisation contact in Catalonia, the Spanish State and abroad (France, Italy, Hungary, Belgium…), teaching through this reference system.

She works as an interpreter and researcher in improvisation dance. Dancer at the Free’t Soundpainting Collective in Lleida, Duo Quasi Serenor i Duo Dau. Interpreter at the Zum Zum Teatre de Lleida company. Organizer and teacher of the Mou-lo contact improvisation community, participating in the organization of intensive courses, regular classes and jam sessions in Lleida.




+ vídeo about Axis Syllabus

+ video with images and comments by Maria Mora