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Very soon we will have the Open Call for  aplications to the Edition 2019 of this Program

It will start in October 2019
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Previous Edition: TRAINING PROGRAMf 2018 


Training Program  [inside MOVEMENT]
Integrating: awareness, technique, creation and thinking 


[inside MOVEMENT] is an education/training program in Contemporary Dance directed by Olga Tragant, that integrates various areas and contents: movement technique, experiential anatomy/sensory awareness, creative work and theory and thinking.

[inside MOVEMENT] is directed to any person – with previous experience in body work and contemporary dance- interested in going deeper into the dance and movement knowledge. This program offers some essential materials that can be used into it’s in a diversity of professional areas and/or help into personal development.




+ To offer solid and quality knowledge in contemporary dance

+ To offer an education program that integrates and relates various contents: body awareness, movement technique, creative work and a place for thought and reflexion.

+ To offer experiential and theoretical tools to open up new movement possibilities, self-awareness, expression and creativity, through body work and dance.

+ To offer a learning experience in dance focused on fundamental contents so that each individual can later on (in) corporate then into their professional field (education, social, health, artistic, etc), and/or personal development.

+ To offer an education in dance that can favor health and well-being.




areas  – contents


area: movement technique and training
Work directed to the movement study and it’s principles, as well as motor learning. We will look for improving movement mechanics and different skills   and   physical   abilities   of   the   body   in   movement, coordination, and movement memory.  We will work through directed conditioning exercises, technique work, movement phases and choreographic sequences as well as through exploration work and research on movement principles and patterns.
This area will be worked through Dance Contemporary Classes, Contact Improvisation Technique, Body Weather Training and Axis Syllabus.


area: creative work
Work addressed to the learning of tools and resources related to artistic creation from body and movement language.  We will look for unfolding and improving the creative potential of each individual and to go on discovering the own artistic criteria. We will work through proposals into improvisation, working on composition tools and resources and  through the development of creative works in groups and individualy.


area: anatomy and sensory awareness
Work addressed to improve the use of our own body, it’s awareness, efficiency and subtleties.
We will look for tuning our sensorial and motor capacities. We will study and (in)corporate various movement patters so to arrive to an open,  available and healthy body/mind.
We work through the study of experiential anatomy and the practice of sensory awareness.


area: theoretical knowledge
Introductory cartography of diverse directions in dance and relevant creators in the history of contemporary dance of the XX and XXI century. Study and thinking about visions and criteria related to creation, art and movement- dance language, composition, drama, etc. We will do it through oral presentations leaded by Olga, work-presentations by students individually and in groups, debate – talks and video projections.





Beginning:  October 17th 2017 
Ending: June 8th 2018  

First period:  October 17th  –  December 22nd ( 9 weeks) 
Second period:  January 9th – March 23rd (11 weeks) 
Third period: April 3rd – June 9th (10 weeks) 

Holidays and Festivities:

November: November 1st
December Bridge holiday: December 6, 7, 8  
Christmas:  Desember 23rd – January 23rd   
Easter Holiday:  March 26th – Abril 2nd 
May: May 1st



what does the program include


+ weekly classes
16 hours ace – to – face /week
30 weeks from October 2017 to Juny 2018
Mornings: tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and fridays
Total of 480 hours of weekly classes


*According to each student’s level in Contemporary Dance technique, this course will be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays or on Friday morning and one class in the afternoon-evening on Dance Fondamentals.


+ workshops 
4 workshops spread in 3 periods within the program
The workshps Dance in Nature and  Creation Lab will take place at tragantCamp. This workshops will include the stay at tragantCamp tallers repartits en els 3 períodes de la Formació  (l’Alzina de l’Aguda, la Noguera), and will include 3 complete days  (Dance and Nature: March 21, 22 i 23), ( Creation Lab: 25, 26 i 27 Maig)
the other 2 workshops will be directed by 2 invited professionals and will be held at tragantBarcelona during the regular time for classes.  

+ sessions  and single classes with  professional guests  
There will be  several sessions ( in the diferent areas of work)  run by guest artists. 

+ required tasks and projects

Each person will have to spend a number of weekly hours ( outside classes) to work on all the assignments and activities required:

Assistance in group  to different performances asigned in the program
Assistance to a rehearsal and open performance of one of the artists in residence at tragantPROCESSOS
Assistance  to a Jam session (class + open jam) in tragantDansa
Rehearsals outside class time, to prepare the different tasks on creative work and others
Readings of articles assigned and tasks required in relation (commends, summaries, reseach of material, etc)
Works on Theory and presentations in writing an in the class
Assistance with the group to different activities offered in Barcelona in relation to the contents of the Program: conferences, exhibits, etc.

  open performances of the creative work project 
Friday April 27th. Performance  within the  International Dance Day  
Friday June 9th. Performance of the last work in the Area of Creative Work


+  individual tutorials
There will be a minimun of 2 meetings – tutorials between each student and Olga Tragant, to exchange impressions and feedback about the progress, classes, activities and any experience around the program.






Combinarem l’aprenentatge vivencial dels coneixements amb el treball de recerca pràctic i teòric. Posarem especial èmfasi en el sentir, qüestionar, investigar i compartir els processos i els resultats amb el grup.
Treballarem des de l’escolta d’un mateix, facilitant la pròpia consciència, desplegant  i afinant les nostres possibilitats.
Formarem un nombre reduït d’alumnes per tal de  facilitar l’intercanvi entre els membres del grup i també per poder fer un seguiment proper  i individualitzat de cada persona.


to whom is it adressed to


This program is adressed to any person who wants to achieve an artistic development going deep into the learnings of contemporary dance and its diferent sites: body awareness, technique, creation, and theory-thinking. 
Bases  in Contemporary Dance is required, and/or in  other body –  movement works and/or  performing arts and/or  Creative –  improvisaton Works.
Technique class in Contemporary Dance will be possible in different levels and grups (if considered necesary), according to each person’s experience.

Maximum involment and comittement is asked and is expected throught the Profram so learning and enrichment can be optimal.


accomplishment of the program and  certificate


For the satisfactory accomplishment  of this Program it is required: 

+ minimum assistence of  85%   in the classes and workshops in each of the arees)  

+ memories: written presentation of a diary-memory (3 presentations during the Program) 

+ completion of all tasks required: handling  teaoretical and practice works, assistance and active participation in the diferent  programed activities.

A Certificate -letter will be given with the  satisfactory complishment of the Program (This is a private-non official Certificate)   



The writing or speaking of catalan language is not required, but the oral understanding will be needed.
The vehicular language will mainly be  catalan, even though  we will be helping out  if necessary with castellano or english. 


direction – teachings

The direction and coordination of this Education Program will be held by La direcció i coordinació del  Olga Tragant  |  treballs de creació
Weekly classes in the arees of Creation, Anatomy-awareness and Teory will be given and guided by Olga Tragant.
The area of Movement Technique will be directed by a different teacher at each period, both in the work of Contemporary Dance Technique, and in the works on: Contact, Body Weather and Axis Syllabus.
We will have different guests artists/professionals   that will give some sessions and workshop in each of the areas and contents.



Some comments by students from other editions 


I finish this Program with an important  improvement of my technique, with a body awareness and awareness on my capacities much  deeper than at the time I decided to do this trainning, and with  knowledge on methods and ways of  creating, together with an understanding on dance history and contemporary art, that I had not imagined. I find the 4 areas of work to be of  very good for the Program  and taht the care, preparation, humility and passion that you have transmited us all the knowledge, has been admirable.   Gemma  

Every day,  I felt very good to be there. There was not one day that I had thought I prefered to do something else, which often happens to me.

About the Creative Work I can say infinite things…. But the most important one for me is how it really made me work deep and above all how that made me discover creative dimensions that  were not present to me, or in which I did not trust and that now it is something els… something much close to me, much more like home…

Going through this work at this moment has helped me  to feel with more confidence in myself and my work. All this program has been a very positive experience from which I take with  me new things and much more desire to continue dancing, exploring and creating  with  my body.

Some general  comments from the Program are: a feeling of  openess in my body and expression. Great integration with each of the areas, so each area complemented very well with another area; good acquisition of tools and knowledge; a sensation of more perspective; more body and ananomical trust; interealtion of concepts and more openess in creation; widen range of imagery; desinhibition; great interest in the proposed methods.

The readings have open the door to many conceps, ways of seeng and thinking that I find  they have enriched my understanding of Contemporary Dance, Movement  and made me  think of other ways of doing and creating. In sum, they have allowed me to have a widen vision and help me to contextualize.    Neus  

The technique part has been rich and connected to my sensing, looking for an easiness, being aware of my body. A new element has been present: I relaxed about making mistakes, and that open the door to new states.  Irene

In relation to Creation, I liked it very much how Olga  was linking all the parts, how she would observe in silence and let us do, and how in certain moments was driving the attention to a particular thing and  guided us to explore things toward one specific direction.  I really value that she  allowed that the impros  emerging from us (even thogh the inicial proposal was coming from her) and also I have  learned from her non-judgement and her constructive  eye.

nevitably out of the theoretical proposals in the program I needed to make space to dedicate time to it and  even though at moments I arrived to some resistences, now I can say that I am very thankful.  Yes, definitely I belief the theoretical component is very valueble and complementary even if it cost an extra sometimes. (alumna  2ª edició)     

lga, I really liked your accompaniment  and I consider you have a very good pedagogy.  I belief you are a very organized and have great commited  person with what you do, and together with having a bood balance between your creative, tecnical, conceptual-intelectual and cultural sides, and  with good psychological skills, makes the program Inside Movement a very complete one.  Highly recommended.  (alumna  2ª edició)





the price includes:

+ weekly classes with the main contents (16h/week)
+ 2 workshop with guests artists/teachers 
+ 2 residential-workshops at tragantCamp 
+ single  sessions with guests artist/ professionals
+ tutorials (2 minimum)
+ dance space available for working-rehearsing 
+ tragantDansa’s video-library available




If you are interested in taking part of this Program and be part of the group, you need to send us :


+            Fill out and send the  Application Form 

+            General Curriculum

+            Dance related Curriculum 

+            Motivation Letter 

+            Opcional: visual material (photos, vídeos) of work that you have dancing or work that you have



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