general information


General Information:  Regular Courses



Regular Courses are distributed in 3 periods.
Each period includes between 10 and 12 weeks of classes.
The periods coincide with the stations of:

Autumn: October, November and December (until Christmas Holidays)
Winter: January, February and March (between Christmas Holidays and Easter)
Spring: April, May and June (Between Easter and Sant Joan or July)

Between periods we pause the Regular Courses and offer intensive courses in tragantBarcelona and residential-courses in tragantCamp.


Fields of work and contents

Dance is a very complete practice that is able to develop different aspects and abilities of oneself: physical abilities and capabilities, technical capabilities, awareness and bodily sensibility, the creative potential of each person and the emotional and social aspect.

The set of courses we offer complement each other and allow us to develop in various aspects.

Regular courses are the core subjects of our Courses Program, which is reinforced and enriched with Intensive Courses and Stage Courses.

The courses we offer can be included in three work areas:



Contemporary Dance for Begginers
Contemporary Dance (Intermediate Level)
Contemporary Dance (Intermediate – Advanced Level)
Body Weather Training (Butoh)
Contact Improvisation
Axis Syllabus



Creative Movement / Improvisation
Creation Laboratories
Butoh Dance



Feldenkrais Method
Experimental Anatomy – Sensory Awareness


Choosing Courses

Each student freerly chooses the Course or the combination of Courses according to their concerns and interests.
Regarding the level, the teaching staff have the last word regarding the level appropriate for the student.