Space occupation


JUNE 3 & 4
tragantCamp program
course: Play and Movement in Family  
direted by Cristina Martí


JULY 3 – 9
space reted to:
Summer Retreat: Nude Ioga and Tantra Massage
directed by Frans Trepels
organized by One Studio (Amsterdam)


JULY  17 – 22 
tragantCamp’s program
Workshop retreat:  SOMA – DANSA
Week dedicated to: body practices and dance toward personal growth
The retreat will include: classes, talks, performances, and more 


AUGUST   17 – 20
tragantCamp’s program
Worshop retreat:  To Feel and to Dance. Dance fundamentals  
directed by Olga Tragant


AUGUST  23 – 27 
space reted to:
Summer Retreat: Kundance
directed tby Dominik Borucki
organized by  Dominik Borucki