Feeling and Dancing: Dance Bases

with Olga Tragant


Dates: September 4th, 5th and 6th
Arrival: Friday 4th, between 16:30 and 17:30h
Ending: Sunday 6th, around 18h
Adressed to: For beginners and for those iniciated that want to go further with  dance  fundamentals.
Accomodation and meals: at tragantCamp


Price: 215€ (includes classes, accommodation, meals and activities)
195€ if you sign up before Agost 3rd or if you join the festival NATURES in October 4th.
Maximum participants: maximum accommodation for 12 people
Cancellation policy: In case  that tragantDana should  cancel the residential-course due to Covid’19 causes, we would refund the entire amount paid.



In this 3 days course we will  get introduced to dance  from several  complementary areas: sensory awareness, basic principles of movement and creativity. It will be a course to enjoy our body and  dance  improving the use of our own body as we open  the movement possibilities from the pleasure of moving and dancing. 


Sensory awareness. Experiencial and anathomic knowledge of our own body (palpation, visualization, sensibilisation, mobilisation). How  is the use of our body?  How can we have nmore eficiency and calmness?  Breath, posture, muscle tone, join mobility, balance between flexibility and strenght. Through  subtle and deep listening we will work individually and  with the help of various materials and peers.

Basic movement and dance principles. We will practice basic coordinations that involve the work on weight/ gravity, balance and off balance, directions, etc. We will introduce basic vocabulary within contemporary dance:  locomotions and shifting of weight, turns, jumps, spirals, swinging, sliding, rolling and falls, etc.

Introduction to creative movement. We will introduce several tools and resources at a creative level, to stimulate our imagination and enhance our creative and expresive capacities through movement. We will work from several proposals that play with the relationship between body-movement and space, the relationship between body-movement and time, movement qualities (energy/weight/strenght), etc.

Along the course we will work through exploration proposals, exercises and simple movement sequences, and  improvisations. We will combine  the practice individually, in partners, in small groups and with the whole group.  There will be moments for observation and to share the lived experiences. In this course we will combine the sesions indoors in the dance space with some work outside in the natural surrounding.




Olga Tragant


Choreographer, dancer, dance and movement teacher. She was trained in dance in the United States in University of Illinois and in New York in Movement Research, Susan Klein School, Trisha Brown School (New York, 1993 – 1995). She also studied one year in the School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam, 1997). Olga is also graduated in Science Degree in Physical Activity, UB, INEF, and she has a Master in Psychology of Physical Activity (University of Illinois). 
Parallel to the dance, she has trained in Anatomy for the Movement with Blandine Calais-Germain and is currently studying the Feldenkrais Method training. As a choreographer she has developed a series of shows and creative projects that have been shown in Catalonia and in various European countries and also in the United States, Japan, Mexico and Morocco.

She started teaching 25 years ago and since then she has taught contemporary dance, anatomy-consciousness and improvisation-creation. She currently runs and is a teacher in the Formation [inside Movement] in tragantDansa.

Since 2002, she has been leading tragantDansa [education and creation in movement], and recently she has expanded her activity in tragantCamp, a rehabilitated space in the rural environment.




Daily organization (orientative) 


8h – 9:30h Morning walk + stretching 
9:30h Breakfast  
10:30 – 12h Anatomy + sensory awareness
12 – 14h Movement exploration
14h Lunch
15:30 – 17:30h Technique: basic movement principals  
18 – 20h Improvisation / creative movement
21h Dinner
22h Free time: exchange, vídeos, talks about dance and art depending on the group motivations.



Acommodation, meals and transport


We provide a shared room for the group. It is a comfy space with tatamis, futons and some beds.
We can also offer a double room with the extra charge of 10€/night.


Our cooker will prepare healthy and delicious meals, with seasonal products and manly vegetarian ingredients.


For the courses, we try to organize ourselves and share available car seats among participants.
One can get to Ponts (7km away from l’Alzina) by bus, on the route from Barcelona to Andorra, or one can get to Cervera (25km away from l’Alzina) on the route from Barcelona to Cervera. If you arrive by bus, we can come to look for you at the station. It is essential to organize it previously with time.




About tragantCAMP


Headquarters of tragantDansa located in the rural setting of l’Alzina de L’Aguda, in the Noguera region (Lleida).
It was born with the desire to be able to offer various activities in a natural environment, a place to enjoy and concentrate without the distractions, rhythm and stress that cities can generate.


what do we do?

  • A program of Residential Courses during weekends, long weekends and holidays.
  • Rental of spaces for groups, ensembles, companies or individuals who want to organize: workshops or courses, rehearsals, laboratories, work meetings, seminars or retreats, etc. in a space that allows concentration, coexistence and / or silence.


who are we?
14 years ago, Olga Tragant and  visual artist Jaume Amigó, acquired some old chicken farms that had been in disuse for many years. Throughout this time they have been restoring these spaces. For years, the space held the work studio of artist Jaume Amigó and now we have recently opened a space for dance activities and body practices.


where are we?
tragantCAMP is located in l’Alzina de l’Aguda, an small village of 20 inhabitants located in the Noguera region (Lleida), between the towns of Guissona and Ponts, 125 km away from Barcelona and 110 km away from Lleida. Surrounded by wheat and rye fields, and some small forests of oaks and holm oaks, it constitutes a quiet and peaceful environment, with especially starry skies.




Applications and payments

limited applications (by payment order)


All included: 235€

info@tragantdansa.com / 666 28 57 15

Application and payments


c/ de l’església, nº 1, CP. 25748, l´Alzina de l’Aguda, La Noguera, Lleida.